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  • UNCRD Ninth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok – March, 2019

    3R WASTE Foundation participated and contributed in preparing the official conference proceedings of the Ninth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok. This forum was organized by the United Nations Centre for Regional Development in Japan in partnership with the Ministry of the Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), the Kingdom of Thailand and Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ). The conference aimed to address how 3R and resource efficiency could play a critical role in achieving sufficiency economy, which advocates rationale use of natural resources that gives people better environment, quality of life and livelihood security as well as prudence and built-in self-immunity to cope with external shocks and global volatility through balanced development.

    The Forum was attended by more than 20 countries and around 300 participants comprising of high level government representatives and policy makers from relevant Ministries, experts and international resource persons, including representatives of scientific and Research and Development (R&D) institutions in the areas of 3R/resource efficiency/waste management/life cycle assessment and management, representatives of UN and international organizations, including international financial institutions, multilateral development. The official conference proceeding included the brief summary of not only the main event but also the pre and the parallel events.

  • Roundtable on Complementary Local Urban Environmental Services (CLUES): Innovative Approaches for SWM and FSM in India – December 2018

    3R WASTE Foundation in partnership with the Dutch Embassy in India, WASTE Netherlands and FINISH Society organized a roundtable on “Innovative Approaches for SWM and FSM in India” in the month of December 2018 at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador to India, Nepal and Bhutan. The objectives of the roundtable were to present and discuss the concept of Complementary Local Environmental Services (CLUES) and barriers to implementing CLUES. It also aimed at sharing successful and innovative efforts by Indian cities in SWM and FSM for scaling them up and replicating in other cities of India. The roundtable was joined by around 40 participants both from the Government and the private sector.

  • Promoting UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities Campaign

    UN-Habitat was launched in 2018 with a call to action to address the increasing challenges of Municipal Solid Waste Management. Read more…

  • CLUES Project (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation): January 2018 – December 2018

    3R WASTE Foundation conducted a research study for four Indian cities (Pune, Dungarpur, Warangal and Tiruchirappalli) in partnership with WASTE Netherlands, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This action research project assessed the market potential for complementary local urban environmental services (CLUES), meaning the bundling of front-line service delivery arrangements for fecal sludge management and solid waste management, and potentially other essential environmental services.

    A first round of field study to the 4 sample cities was made in February 2018 to collect primary data, and assess the ground level scenario of SWM and FSM. A primary report was made based on the results obtained after the primary field visit. Further to this, the second draft report was made by integrating the primary data, with data based on stakeholder consultation, focus group discussions and secondary literature review.

    To validate the report for all the four cities, validation workshops were organized in each sample city during the months of September 2019 to November 2019. All the concerned stakeholders including the municipalities and private sector organizations were a part of these workshops. On validation of the draft report, a final report was made for all the four cities.

    The assessment has not only captured the current situation, but also perspectives and proposed solutions from different actors regarding the future. The results were presented in an adequate format, such as decision-making matrices, process flow diagrams, guidelines etc. that allows for practical application of the material. The work done in this study could open up a whole new area of development practice, but first, it needs to be thoroughly tested on the ground. The technology of combining SWM & FSM exists with additional technologies continuously being developed and piloted. The results of the Complementary Local Urban Environmental Services (CLUES) project could transcend political, physical, social, economic and environmental obstacles and be commercially established through a sustainable business model.

  • 3R Regional Forum Dialogue, Indore – April 2018

    3R WASTE Foundation participated in this forum and made a presentation as well as facilitated a session of Mayor’s forum. The outcome of the conference was Chair’s Summary of Eighth Regional 3R Forum (Issued Without Formal Editing)
    Indore 3R Declaration of Asian Mayors on Achieving Clean Water, Clean Land and Clean Air in Cities (Final)
    Programme Booklet-8th Regional 3R Forum

  • Training Program on Solid and Liquid Waste Management for FINISH Society – December 2017

    To familiarize participants and provide them comprehensive information and knowledge of solid and liquid waste management for implementation of SLWM projects; To provide vital information that is required while planning and executing a project.

  • ONE MEGA EVENT in Solid Waste Management – May 2017

    3R WASTE Foundation participated as a lead speaker in the panel discussion on Solid waste management in Indian cities.

  • Round Table Conference in Dutch Embassy, New Delhi – December, 2016

    The Round Table on Sanitation and Integrated Sustainable Waste Management in India was hosted by His Excellency Mr. Alphonsus Stoelinga, Ambassador of the Netherlands to India, Nepal, and Bhutan in partnership with WASTE Netherlands, FINISH Society of India and 3R WASTE Foundation (India). The objective of the round table was to demonstrate the value of international public private partnerships (PPP), both in sanitation and solid waste management.